HashCoins Datacenter

HashCoins Datacenter is a modern, hi-tech facility, designed to house and host cryptoequipment.

Facility’s temperature and humidity is kept at constant values according to industry standards. This allows for mining at maximum hashrates without overheating the equipment.

Buying hashrate of equipment hosted in the HashFlare datacenter you rest assured that the mining equipment is placed, set up and maintained by a team of qualified personnel.

The datacenter is built by a first-class industrial construction company with dozens of years of experience in such projects.

Security is a critical factor of a datacenter. We have ensured compliance with the highest international standards with sophisticated manned, hardware and software security systems.

Power is provided by independent power grids with a separate generator and a backup batteries.

Internet connection is provided by redundant fiber connections to different Estonian internet exchanges.

24/7 maintenance provided by professional on-site support to effectively resolve any technical issues.

  • Scalability and a choice of mining plans
  • Carrier neutral, redundant connections
  • Secure facility and flexibility
  • Designed for cryptocurrency mining equipment
  • ISKE standard compliance

Technical Specifications

  • Mining Equipment Hosting
  • Racks up to 8kW
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Remote Administration Racks
  • APC / Rittal
  • Structure: Reinforced concrete
  • Floors: Ground and raised
  • Area: Low flood area. DC rooms 20m above sealevel
  • On-site personnel: Electrical engineers,
Network engineers
, Security personnel,
Monitoring staff
  • Data Centre: ISKE standard compliant rooms, TIER level 2
  • Certifications: EVS-EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate for Quality Management System
  • Qualifications: ITIL qualified personnel
  • Features: 2 independent optic fiber routes
  • Operators: TeliaSonera Elion
  • Technologies: SDH, MPLS
  • External feed: 4 independent connections to the national power grid
  • Power: 2MW
  • Voltage: 4x 10kV
  • Sub-station: Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  • UPS systems: N+1 redundancy configuration
  • Generators: Diesel, 850kVA in N+1 configuration. Separately housed
  • Fuel supply: Fuel for 48 hours of continual service at site
  • Cabling: Waterproof and fire resistant cabling on 3 level trays
  • Layout: Hot and cold aisle layout
  • Features: Traditional and free air cooling with heat exchangers and air conditioners
  • Redundancy: Air conditioners in N+1 redundancy
  • Temperature: 20-24°C – According to industry standards
  • Humidity: According to industry standards
  • Fire: Gas extinguishing fire suppression system
  • Water: Drainage systems with pumps in N+1 redundancy
  • Intrusion: Detection with sensors, video and on-site personnel
  • Surveillance: 24h on-site manned surveillance,
Video surveillance